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Providing the NFT community withsecurity research and education

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Everything you need to protect your assets

Whether you're a creator, investor, or simply just interested in NFTs. We'll provide all the security guidance you need.

Security Reviews

We combine practical testing and academic research to uncover all vulnerabilities and weaknesses in current approaches.


Become an expert on all things NFT and cyber security with our accessible, easy to follow lessons.

Community Support

Encouraging information sharing from the community to make NFTs open and safe for all.

NFT Toolkit

Perform a self-assessment of your current set-up and find out where you can improve.

Curated Insights

Regular posts on trends and insights, keeping you aware of current scams.

Plus Much More

We have more features to come. Lets shape the future of decentralised art.

Meet our team

We are a group of women who with a keen interest for NFTs. Steph brought us together to put our diverse set of skills to good use and provide security solutions to the future of art, collectables and entertainment.

  • Steph

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jess

    Chief Operations officer

  • Sophie

    Chief Security Officer